ORIGINS | Vinyl Record Locations! (Black Ops 2 Zombies)

Welcome to PLAYtheGAMEcentral. In this video, Boop shows the general areas in which the disk/vinyl/records/cds spawn. Not all locations are shown, but just s…

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  1. VillageIdiot50 says:


  2. TheAirskyair says:

    sad that a adult behaves like this.

  3. James Boodica says:

    what did he say?????

  4. ItsGabeTime says:

    Poopy Boopy :D

  5. TheBigAngryHobo says:

    So did PtG.

  6. Jessie Gashler says:

    There are three main issues I have with this being an “ending”. 1) in origins, maxis is dead and his brain is removed. this can’t be possible because maxis is alive during WWII working with richtofen. 2) this leaves a huge open hole in the story with Samuel and the gang. 3) what in the hell was the point of lighting the three spires? They didn’t leave us hanging with the golden rod. They can’t leave us hanging with this many open holes. I feel like this is a decoy. Like there’s more to it.

  7. VertigoCommentaries says:

    No problem!

  8. dragerdet says:

    this is for the new zombie map

  9. P Meister says:

    this very useful

  10. VertigoCommentaries says:

    nuu fak u spiey

  11. C0DBlack0psVidz says:

    The yellow disc can also be found in the crazy place tunnel of lighting. 

  12. MrEvakin1 says:

    PtG did as well, and it’s 100% accurate. Very thematic too. Not that amateur shit that he does. Who was it again? Noah? Never even heard of him.

  13. Zeta Reactor says:

    Do you guyz have a livestream on twitch?

  14. ManOfGoo says:

    fuk u hooreezontol

  15. SSgtTherrien says:

    Just saying, they’re not vinyl, they’re older than that.

  16. DivineNihilism says:

    Hey, thank you!

  17. trenton sanfilippo says:

    I have been having problems in game with the records, I seem to be missing or not finding them. Every time I check the places they spawn I just can’t seem to find them at all is a four location I’m missing for the elecric record and the white record

  18. Tim Sanchez says:

    Other location is on the wheelbarrow near pack-a-punch, making it 4 locations. Just trying to help out my fellow PTGs. Thanks for a great year of BO2 coverage PTG. Can’t wait for the next time.

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  20. LookinAtYourVids says:

    What’s the best staff