‘Resolution 1295′ | Location: ‘Horn of Africa’ (Buried)

Welcome to PLAYtheGAMEcentral and welcome back to another video that Benn has made to get you thinking about the upcoming map ‘Resolution 1295′ from the Veng…

20 Responses to “‘Resolution 1295′ | Location: ‘Horn of Africa’ (Buried)”

  1. Will Smith says:

    Nacht der Untoten… awesome 。

  2. Flamebolt91 says:

    still white though.

  3. Josh Napier says:

    That comment wasn’t even the slightest bit racist. People in Africa are black.

  4. TheElvemageFGamingCL says:

    this actualy explains the reason why zombies could be on alcatraz, just because arlington gave the warden a “potion” doesnt mean he got infected

  5. TheAirskyair says:

    the cities been destroyed by the rockets and then move by the explosion.

  6. InfectedOne115 says:

    nope, german…nazi

  7. InfectedOne115 says:

    am i Treyarch? play Shangri-La, Die Rise, Der Riese…

  8. TheAirskyair says:


  9. InfectedOne115 says:

    every other place weve played the zombies looked like the people who once resided there…so how come the zombies look like they from another place or time frame, duh

  10. GalacticxForce says:

    Guys listen to me! I believe that I know the last zombies map! Normandy, France! This makes sense. 1. If you were to follow the pattern that people have been seeing (F.E.A.R. Tedd), there should be a “y” at the end. NormandY. Also, in the video, he stated that France was the last location for zombies. Finally, I think this would be a good location because of its importance in WWII and its involvement with nazis. Any thoughts people?

  11. TheBestgamer9999 says:

    Wow, this gave me a whole new look on the zombies storyline. You might actually might be onto something! Nice theory! :)

  12. xXExedomeXx says:

    Der Riese? I’m pretty sure the zombies are white in that one.

  13. GOTTALIFE1 says:

    So basicly the moon fucked mother earth……..ok

  14. Jerry Cabrera says:

    Die rise is a good map

  15. TheElvemageFGamingCL says:

    Because the wild west was shoved under and into the horn of Africa, plus its under a desert where nobody lives.

  16. jaysonthepimp says:

    what do you mean by afican

  17. TheAirskyair says:

    Remember what Richtofen says in DIE RISE cutscene against stungler.
    Mantle the rift, such a thing

  18. TheOpticGunsmith says:

    Wtf how did u get the title right PTG

  19. InfectedOne115 says:

    thanks, atleast someone tried to answer the question

  20. ImGeoX says:

    PTG doesn’t “predict” this. They have someone on the inside telling them everything. That’s how they have known everything from the previous map packs as well.