Borderlands 2 Unlimited Torgue Tokens!

So i just got the DLC on the 22nd and like 2 1/2 hrs later i found this awesome glitch to get unlimited Torgue tokens! All u need is to be in the Badass Crat…

20 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Unlimited Torgue Tokens!”

  1. imluckynumer13 says:

    can you add me on ps3 – johnbob576

  2. Nobodys FingBusiness says:

    and get a fucking cap card noob less camera to tv shit!!!!

  3. The Gaming God says:

    Nice quality

  4. truevaulthunter99 says:

    Does it work for xbox

  5. JBGamingStation says:

    cant hear shit

  6. Zz29999 says:

    on what

  7. Andres Cahue says:

    Is it patched

  8. jbphilly1234 says:

    video sucks

  9. Nobodys FingBusiness says:

    lol or just do bar brawl way more fun than this garbage ass bullshit method

  10. Angel Irizarry says:

    add me user( nuniok).

  11. TheJustinmclingberg says:

    he’s a hacker, considering his 127 backpack space.

  12. craigcosta68 says:

    Can show me how to do this add me crazykiller3079

  13. iMAKEMELOSE says:


  14. SnipingMafiaPS3 says:

    lie much?

  15. WhiteCastleJuice says:

    I haven’t ever tried it on xbox but it’s the same method as duplicating so I would say yes it work on xbox

  16. batmanlion14 says:

    im not understanding the loading thing

  17. bmob10189 says:

    How did you get your badass rank so damn HIGH

  18. jonathanlafleur15 says:

    does this still work or is it patched?

  19. Paul Botham says:

    how do u do it

  20. Alden Finney says:

    Add me pleaze my name is asfghost1023